Changing A Child Custody Order: Why An Attorney Might Be Necessary

Child custody orders are difficult to change once both parties agree and settle in court. If you want to change a visitation agreement or are looking to change how custody has been established, it takes a material change in circumstances to make this happen. Material changes can be positive ones, such as a new job and a better ability to care for your kids. Changes can also be negative ones, like if one party no longer has the capacity to care for the children.

Get The Defense You Need When Facing Criminal Charges

Felony charges are going to last on your record for a lifetime if you are found guilty. While it may not seem like a big deal right now to plea out to a felony charge, the impact it can have on your future is worth fighting the charges. While you can get an attorney assigned to you at court, you aren’t going to get the attention you want on your case when you have a public defender on your case.

Considering Divorce? Ask Yourself These Three Questions

Have you and your spouse been considering a divorce? If so, you may not want to jump directly into divorce proceedings for a variety of reasons. It is worth asking yourself these three questions before you begin the legal process of moving forward with a divorce. Are You Willing To Try Counseling? It is important to explore all options when considering a divorce. Sometimes couples say things in the moment that they do not really mean, especially when it comes to asking for a divorce.

Top Reasons To Hire An Alimony Lawyer When Going Through A Divorce

Going through a divorce is often one of the hardest things that a person can go through. In addition to the emotions associated with dissolving a marriage, there are often so many details that need to be discussed and agreed upon before the divorce can be finalized. One factor that you need to think about when going through a divorce is alimony. Alimony is often awarded when one spouse leaves the workforce in order to care for children and run the household during the marriage.

What Happens If You Lie On Your Divorce Documentation?

When you get a divorce, your divorce attorney will have you sign many different documents to finalize the process. You must be honest when you fill out and sign these documents, just as you have to be honest when you go before the judge. While some mistakes could happen, you should not intentionally provide dishonest information on any of your documents. The following are some things that could happen if you are found to be intentionally dishonest on your divorce documents: