Get The Defense You Need When Facing Criminal Charges

Felony charges are going to last on your record for a lifetime if you are found guilty. While it may not seem like a big deal right now to plea out to a felony charge, the impact it can have on your future is worth fighting the charges. While you can get an attorney assigned to you at court, you aren't going to get the attention you want on your case when you have a public defender on your case. When you work with a personal criminal defense attorney, you will be able to ask plenty of questions so that you know what is going on. With a public defender, they often have more work than they can handle.

Know What You Are Facing

If you are criminally charged, learn about the charges against you and what the consequences may be. If your liberty is at risk, it's important to fight your case as best as you can. Even the smallest charges can bring jail time, so know what you are facing before you decide to take any type of plea deal. The evidence against you could be weak, and your attorney will look it over carefully to give you advice on the strength of your case.

Don't Give Up Easily

No matter what you are facing for criminal charges, it generally doesn't benefit you to plead guilty. When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you will have the chance to talk over every detail of your case to decide if a plea deal is in your best interests. Public defenders who have too much work will often encourage clients to strike a plea deal so that the case isn't brought forward in court. When you aren't ready to strike a deal, and you want to fight the charges against you, get the representation you deserve.

If You Have Previous Charges

When you have been found guilty of a crime before, you will want to fight any new charges you are facing. You don't want to develop a criminal record that builds up over time. Your consequences can be more severe if this is your second offense, so pay attention and get legal representation that can help you fight your charges.

A criminal defense attorney will help provide you with the best defense possible when you are facing criminal charges. Know what you are up against and get the answers you need from a criminal defense attorney.