Considering Divorce? Ask Yourself These Three Questions

Have you and your spouse been considering a divorce? If so, you may not want to jump directly into divorce proceedings for a variety of reasons. It is worth asking yourself these three questions before you begin the legal process of moving forward with a divorce.

Are You Willing To Try Counseling?

It is important to explore all options when considering a divorce. Sometimes couples say things in the moment that they do not really mean, especially when it comes to asking for a divorce. That is why you need to try working out your problems in counseling first.

You should take some time to really work on the problems you and your spouse are having and see if there is any way that they can be resolved. Give yourself some time to work on your problems to see if they improve. Sometimes all it takes is a neutral party to listen to your problems and help guide you with what should be done about them.

Have You Considered A Trial Separation?

Rather than go through the entire divorce process and realize you have regrets, it is worth considering a trial separation. It can be for however long that you feel is necessary, since just living apart from each other can help bring up feeling that you didn't think were still there.

Keep in mind that a trial separation is different from a legal separation. A trial separation is just an agreement between you and your spouse to try living apart. This may include living at different residences during the time that you are apart, or even trying to separate the house so that you do not come in contact with the other person. You do what works for you and your spouse in this tough situation to make a trial separation work.

Are You Financially Prepared For Divorce?

While there are many emotional aspects to a divorce that must be considered, it's also worth looking at the financial aspects. Many couples find that money makes it very difficult to get a divorce, with each person finding it difficult to support themselves on their own.

Not having the money for a divorce should not stop you if it is absolutely necessary, but you should definitely get your financial situation in order so that you can survive. Come up with a plan for dealing with debts, even if that means you have to resort to bankruptcy after the divorce.

Be sure to work with a divorce lawyer if you have plans to move forward with your divorce.