Non-Traditional Work Schedules And Child Custody: An Overview

If you’re in the midst of a custody battle, you may be concerned that your non-traditional work hours will put you at a disadvantage. While a non-traditional work schedule can certainly make it more difficult to hash out a custody schedule, it isn’t impossible. Below is an overview of how a non-traditional work schedule may affect custody arrangements and how a family law attorney can help you. What’s Considered “Non-Traditional?”

Making A Quick Exit: What To Know About Quickie Divorces

For the most part, the traditional “quickie” divorce is no longer available. If you and your partner have decided that your relationship is over, there are some options left to end your marriage quickly, however. Read on to find out how you can still get divorced in a relatively fast manner. Nevada Ironically, the state known for providing its Las Vegas venue for impulsive weddings is also the location for the quickest divorce in the continental United States.

2 Issues That Divorce Can Help Resolve

Most people contemplating filing for divorce go into the process with just a vague idea of what to expect from their decision. This may put you at risk of going in with unrealistic expectations of what the divorce will bring and being unsatisfied with what you end up getting. It is therefore crucial that you understand what divorce can realistically do for you so you are better prepared for the process and any court-sanctioned decisions to follow.