2 Issues That Divorce Can Help Resolve

Most people contemplating filing for divorce go into the process with just a vague idea of what to expect from their decision. This may put you at risk of going in with unrealistic expectations of what the divorce will bring and being unsatisfied with what you end up getting. It is therefore crucial that you understand what divorce can realistically do for you so you are better prepared for the process and any court-sanctioned decisions to follow. Here is a look at two main things that divorce is good for.

Support obligations

One of the main things that divorce can help determine is a couple's support obligations. When you file for divorce, you are generally asking the court to set child and spousal support you may receive from your significant other. Child support payments are usually set by the state, although the judge may make deviations from the set standards depending on certain factors such as who spends more time with the kids and the financial situation of each parent.

Spousal support is often determined by the financial circumstances of each party in the marriage, so you may need to consult a divorce lawyer to help you predict the judge's ultimate support decision in your case.

Property division

This is often a highly contentious area that divorce can help resolve. The courts try to be as fair as possible while determining who gets what in a split, often considering factors such as your individual financial situation and financial plans for the future. In some states, all property is divided equally between the two divorcing parties, although any property acquired prior to marriage or possessions acquired via inheritance are often not split.

Property division is not predicable, so it is often better not to leave the decisions entirely in the hands of a judge and try to strike a mutually satisfactory agreement in regard to who gets what. Your divorce lawyer can help negotiate and settle the property distribution prior to the final divorce ruling on other issues such as spousal support or child custody. For instance, you may agree with your partner to let them keep the family home and in turn give you full control of your co-owned business.

A divorce can however not accomplish an exact division of property, so negotiations with your spouse with the help of divorce lawyers, such as Blumenauer Hackworth,  are vital to ensure an outcome that is mutually agreeable and civil.