Making A Quick Exit: What To Know About Quickie Divorces

For the most part, the traditional "quickie" divorce is no longer available. If you and your partner have decided that your relationship is over, there are some options left to end your marriage quickly, however. Read on to find out how you can still get divorced in a relatively fast manner.


Ironically, the state known for providing its Las Vegas venue for impulsive weddings is also the location for the quickest divorce in the continental United States. You may be able to get a complete divorce in as little as a couple of weeks. There are 2 important rules, however:

1. One of you must reside in Nevada for at least 6 weeks. To make it easier to comply with this provision, the tourism industry in Nevada has stepped forward with numerous options that will allow compliance; everything from by-the-week rentals to stays at dude ranches can be arranged.

2.  Your divorce must be uncontested (you must both agree to all provisions in the divorce settlement agreement).

Dominican Republic

If you are up for international travel, the Dominican Republic offers divorces that take less than 24 hours. The main problem with divorces from this country is that not all states recognize them as being legal. It's best to contact an attorney in your home state to verify the validity before you make your airline reservations.


Fortunately, divorces from this island nation will be recognized in all states, since Guam is a Untied States territory. One of you must reside in Guam for at least 7 days prior to filing the divorce, and from there it takes about 30 days for a final judgment, depending on court backlogs. These provisions apply only to uncontested divorces.

United States Options

Other than Nevada, you options for a quicker divorce may be found in your own home state. While not necessarily "quickie," these divorce options can be faster than usual if you meet the requirements. Summary or simplified divorces can be perfect for those who:

  • Have been married for only a few years. While the maximum allowed time varies from state to state, it is usually less than 5 years.

  • Have no minor children.

  • Have no real estate ownership.

  • Do not intend to include a spousal support provision.

  • Have very little personal property, such as cars and furniture. The dollar amount varies by state.

Make sure that you contact a family law attorney in your state so that you can be fully informed about the legally of quick divorce options you and your spouse are considering.

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