2 Reasons To Hire A Divorce Attorney

A divorce attorney is a useful resource that can assist you throughout the divorce process and even after the divorce has been finalized. Listed below are just two of the ways that a divorce attorney can help. Following Through On the Terms of the Divorce One of the best ways that a divorce attorney can help you after your divorce has been finalized is by making sure that your ex fully abides by and follow through on the terms of the divorce.

A Change You May Want To Request Before Signing A Prenuptial Agreement

There are times when prenuptial agreements are good to have, but if your soon-to-be-spouse is requesting you to sign one, you should make sure you ask a divorce lawyer to look it over first. There are numerous issues your lawyer will look at when reviewing the document, but one issue he or she may suggest changing involves the house you will live in. While your future spouse does not have to agree to the change you request, it will not hurt to ask.

A Joint Bank Account Can Cause Divorcing Spouses Extra Concerns

Divorces have become increasingly common in American society. Nevertheless, the anxiety and stress over the process is ever present for those involved. Breaking up is hard, as someone once sang. There are lots of changes. Living situations and child custody arrangements are examples of things that differ after a marriage dissolution. Even before the divorce is final, finances take center stage. Exactly what should be done with the money that both spouses have a legal right to possess is confusing.

A Closer Look At Your Custody Options When Going Through A Divorce

Divorce is not a simple decision to make, especially when you have children. You have probably gone through some of the first stages of divorce, such as a mutual agreement with your spouse. But, now it is time to talk about custody, which the following guide can help you understand. The Physical Custody Option Physical custody encompasses two basic types of parental custodial rights, which are the following: Joint physical custody Custodial/Noncustodial physical custody The joint physical custody is one of the best options for your children, as it allows significant and equal custody to both parents.

Stepparent Adoption: Terminating The Other Parent's Rights

The process required for a step-parent adoption can be easier than the process for traditional adoptions, providing the child’s other birth or legal parent agrees to the adoption. In some cases, the state will waive the home study, waiting period, and sometimes the adoption hearing. But if the noncustodial parent refuses to consent to the adoption, the court won’t allow the adoption to proceed unless you bring a lawsuit to terminate that parent’s rights.

Can Adults Adopt Adults?

In certain situations, it can be advantageous for an adult to adopt another adult. While not very common, it is legal in most states. You may be wondering what would prompt someone to want to adopt another adult, but after reading below, you will understand the need for this type of adoption. Why Adopt An Adult 1.  Most commonly, adults are adopted for inheritance purposes. It is much easier to provide for a child by creating a will that leaves property and assets to a “

Three Tips For Going Through Separation And Divorce

The divorce process is rough, but so too are the precursors leading up to it. For many people, these precursors include legal separation. If you are going to take it upon yourself to seek a legal separation from your marriage, there are some incredibly important tips that you will want to keep in mind. In order to get the most out of this process, and to turn it into a fruitful divorce session afterward, follow this guide.

Why It's Important To Periodically Review Your Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are legal documents whose purpose is to protect the assets of soon-to-be-married or married individuals against an event that will hopefully never take place, which is divorce. These agreements are created on the basis of fairness, as each party must agree on the assets’ division before posing their signature. It’s precisely because of this fairness aspect that these documents sometimes pose challenges that are hard to overcome without the involvement of a judge when two married individuals are seeking to part ways from a legal standpoint.

Is What You Send On Your Phone Actually Private?

Sending text messages and images via phone is perhaps the fastest way to communicate, share special moments, and convey important business information to everyone in your life from family members to fellow co-workers. If you’re confirming the date of your loved one’s birthday party or sending the results of the annual board meeting to an employee who couldn’t make it, you’re likely not too worried about the privacy of your text messages.

How Your Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help Your Case

If you are going to court to prove that you were a victim of domestic violence, you might want a skilled domestic violence attorney by your side. Even though you may think you have enough evidence, you still need professional assistance. To help understand why, you will want to continue reading. Ensures You Are Not Bullied There have been cases where the cross-examining attorney bullies the victim. The attorney that is paid to represent the attacker has the job to make you look like a liar or that you are someone that is just completely confused and therefore cannot be believed.

What Not To Do When Sorting Out Child Custody Concerns

When couples with children decide on divorce, one of the most difficult decisions that has to be made is who the children will live with. Regardless of whether the divorce is amicable or not, child custody concerns can cause significant issues. While there is no easy road-map to navigate this issue, there are some things you can avoid that will make the process easier for both you and your ex as well as your children, which is most important.