What Steps Do You Follow In A Contested Divorce?

Divorce might be one of the most complicated things you will deal with in your lifetime. That said, even though the technical and logical part of the process is easy to resolve with the right legal help, processing emotions often complicates everything. As such, it is advisable to file for a contested divorce if you cannot solve certain issues. A trusted and qualified divorce lawyer can guide you during the process.

Choosing Shared Parenting: What To Know

Divorce means choosing a custody plan. Parents have several choices, and one very popular choice is shared or 5050 parenting. Read on and find out more. A Fair Choice  It’s easy to see why shared parenting seems so attractive. After all, most parents want their child to spend plenty of time with the other parent. The family court system likes this custody choice too. It means the child benefits from both parental relationships equally.

3 Ways To Help Your Divorce Lawyer Represent You More Effectively

Going through a divorce is not easy, particularly when you don’t have someone to help you throughout the process. If you have decided to divorce, you need to look for a competent divorce lawyer to handle the process on your behalf. It’s usually hard to handle the legal aspects of a divorce process without professional help. But even if you have a divorce lawyer on your side, you still have a role to play to make things easier.

Filing for an Uncontested Divorce? 3 Reasons Why You Should Still Hire an Attorney

Far too many people believe that they do not need to hire a lawyer if their divorce is uncontested. While it is true that a small percentage of divorces can easily be handled on a do-it-yourself basis, the fact is that most people will still benefit from having legal counsel even if they are seeking an uncontested divorce. If you are planning to file for divorce, you will want to consider the following benefits of hiring an uncontested divorce attorney before you decide to move forward with a DIY divorce.