How To Handle A Custody Evaluation

A child custody evaluation process is meant to help the judge make a decision on the best custody or visitation arrangement for your family. You can request a custody evaluation, or it can be ordered by the judge. Here are a few tips to help you through the process successfully:  Acknowledge Your Weaknesses No parent is perfect, and the custody evaluator also knows this. Therefore, trying to pass yourself off as a perfect parent with no flaws whatsoever will only tell the evaluator that you are hiding something.

Keeping Things Equal For The Kids: Bizarre Things A Divorce Court Judge Can Do

With divorce continuing to be a common and widespread event in the U.S., and the continued demands that both parents have equal rights in all things, do not be surprised if something you think is unfair takes place during your divorce hearing. Even if nothing unusual happens during your initial divorce hearing, be mindful that no divorce is ever really final when you have children that you share with your ex-spouse.