Preparing For Divorce: What To Do

Preparing for divorce is never easy or fun; you expected to be married forever but things aren't working out the way you expected. As you get ready to become divorced, know you have somewhat of a battle around you.

It can take months to finalize a divorce, especially if you have children or major assets — like home ownership — in common. Use this guide to help you prepare for divorce so you make the process as smooth on yourself as possible.

Get a lawyer

It doesn't matter if the other party has a lawyer or not, you need a divorce lawyer to help guide you through the complicated process of divorce. Your lawyer will be your go-between with your spouse and will get all the documentation needed to rule the divorce in your favor as much as possible. Your lawyer also represents you in court, so if you have pre-trials and hearings, your lawyer will be there to make sure the proceedings go in a direction that is best for you.

Write down assets

All your assets, both those you own outright and those you and your spouse acquired together, should be written down and accounted for. This way, the assets are split evenly. Your lawyer will want this list anyway, along with any income you have, debts, and other financial information. If you have tax returns, house deeds, life insurance policies, and other important information, make copies for your lawyer as soon as you can.

Don't sell anything

Now is not the time to rack up credit card debt, sell your car, move out of your house, or make other drastic moves. Your divorce will be much easier if you let things be for the most part, allowing your assets and debts to remain as stable as possible. You don't want to rack up debt your soon-to-be-ex will hold you accountable for, nor do you want to sell an item that may be considered mutual property, which can come back on you later.

It's best to listen to the advice of your lawyer as you go through divorce. Stay on top of court fates and proceedings so the process goes as smooth as possible. Continue life as normally as possible, even if you are stressed. Before long, your divorce will be final and you will be able to move on with your life. Find a divorce and family lawyer you trust to help you through this time.